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Season Four

Episode One

directed by: David Evans air date: September 22, 2013

February 1922. Lady Mary mourns Matthew, and feels little motherly love for baby George. Lord Grantham and Branson dispute the management of the estate and struggle to pay death duties. Miss O’Brien leaves to serve Lady Flintshire. Needing a maid in a hurry, Cora hires former maid Edna, who has trained as a lady’s maid. When Cora overhears Miss West, the nanny, insulting Sybbie, she fires her. Mr Molesley has lost his job following Matthew’s death; the Dowager Countess tries to help him by letting him serve at a luncheon for a friend. The servants are excited by Valentine’s Day, and Mrs Patmore struggles to deal with an electric whisk. Carson talks to Mary to bring her out of her shell, but she regards it as impertinence. She later apologises to him, and has a good cry in his arms.

Episode Two

directed by: David Evans air date: September 29, 2013

March 1922. A letter is found from Matthew, appointing Mary his sole heir; Lord Grantham is displeased and prefers Mary be uninvolved in managing the estate. Violet secretly supports Mary, and urges her to learn the business from Tom. Discovering that Molesley has fallen on hard times, is working as a labourer, and has debts, Bates gets money from the Dowager Countess, and pretends he is paying him back for an earlier loan. Lady Rose and Anna attend a tea dance in York that is for the servant class. Lord Grantham’s solicitor confirmes that Matthew’s letter is as good as a Will, and everyone urges him to include Mary in running the estate.

Episode Three

directed by: Catherine Morshead air date: October 6, 2013

April 1922. A house party is held at Downton. Lady Mary renews an acquaintance with the suave Lord Gillingham, who flirts with her. During Nellie Melba’s (Kiri Te Kanawa) performance, Lord Gillingham’s valet, Mr Green, violently assaults and rapes Anna. Tom feels uncomfortable amongst all the toffs; Edna takes advantage by getting him drunk and sneaking into his bedroom afterwards. Anna makes Mrs Hughes promise to tell no one, including Bates, about the rape, fearing Bates will kill Green and be hanged for it.

Episode Four

directed by: Catherine Morshead air date: October 13, 2013

April 1922. Edna claims she could be pregnant and wants Tom to marry her. Mrs Hughes confronts her and Edna leaves Downton. Lady Rose accompanies Mary and Tom to London where they stay with Lady Rosamund, who has sneakily invited Lord Gillingham and Bullock to join them. They go to a jazz club where Jack Ross, the club’s black singer, dances with Rose, to others’ discomfort. Anna, feeling unworthy of Bates, grows distant and moves back into the main house. Michael Gregson is about to depart for Germany; if he becomes a German citizen, he may be able to divorce his insane wife. Lady Rosamund discovers that Edith spent the night with Gregson, and warns her about damaging her reputation. Lord Gillingham proposes to Mary but she refuses, saying she is still grieving Matthew’s death.

Episode Five

directed by: Philip John air date: October 20, 2013

May 1922. Carson considers re-hiring Mr Molesley if Alfred leaves to a chef training program, but Molesley, unhappy at being demoted to a footman, dithers too long over the offer, and loses the opportunity. Thomas pressures Cora’s new lady’s maid, Baxter, to spy on everyone for him. Cora has to persuade a nervous Mrs Patmore to exchange their ice-box for a refrigerator. Edith visits a London doctor. Tom considers moving to America. Bates continues to pressure Anna to explain her behaviour. Mrs Hughes tells him that a stranger broke into the servants’ hall and raped Anna. Bates and Anna reconcile, but he suspects Green committed the crime.

Episode Six

directed by: Philip John air date: October 27, 2013

June 1922. Alfred leaves for the Ritz chef training, and Carson is not keen for Molesley to replace him. Edith learns she is pregnant. Bates and Anna go to dinner at a posh hotel where a snooty maître d’hôtel tries to bar them; fortunately, Cora is there, and ensures they are admitted. Rose arranges for the jazz club band to play at Robert’s birthday. Carson is scandalised to see Jack, the black singer, at Downton Abbey. After the party, Mary sees Rose and Jack kissing in the servants’ hall. Government inspectors arrive to inspect the estate: Mr Napier, an old friend of Lady Mary, and Mr Blake, an acerbic liberal who politely clashes with her.

Episode Seven

directed by: Ed Hall air date: November 3, 2013

July 1922. Robert leaves for America to bail Cora’s playboy brother out of trouble. Mary, told by Mrs Hughes about what happened to Anna, persuades Robert to take Thomas with him as his valet instead of Bates. The Dowager Countess falls ill with bronchitis, and is nursed by Isobel. Tom attends a council meeting and meets a chirpy young woman, Sarah Bunting. Edith and Rose go to London, where Rose continues to pursue her romantic relationship with Jack. Edith decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute. Lord Gillingham and his valet, Green, arrive at Downton, and Mrs Hughes tells Green that she knows what he did and warns him to stay clear of Anna whilst there. During the servants’ dinner, Green reveals that he went to the servants’ hall during Dame Nellie’s recital.

Episode Eight

directed by: Ed Hall air date: November 10, 2013

August 1922. Edith wants a tenant farmer and his wife to care for her baby, but Lady Rosamund suggests she go to Switzerland and give up the baby there. Alfred proposes to Ivy, but begins appreciating Daisy’s loyalty after Ivy refuses him. Daisy is confused over her feelings, but gives Alfred up, and he leaves for good. Lord Gillingham, who is ending his engagement, visits briefly, still pursuing Mary; she has learned about Green’s crime and wants Gillingham to dismiss the valet, which he agrees to do. The church bazaar is held, organised by Cora; during it, Lord Grantham arrives unexpectedly, as does Lord Gillingham, to tell Mary that Green was killed in a road accident in Piccadilly. Anna realizes that Bates had the same day off, supposedly to go to York, and he will not say what he was doing there.

The London Season

directed by: Jon East air date: December 25, 2013

Summer 1923: The Granthams move to their London residence for Rose’s debutante ball and presentation at court. They are joined by Cora’s brother, Harold, and mother, Martha, from the United States. Lord Gillingham and Mr Blake attend. Tom and Thomas initially remain at Downton. Tom unexpectedly meets with Sarah Bunting, who asks for a tour of Downton Abbey. At a party, Rose’s indiscretion leads to card-sharp, Mr Sampson, stealing a letter from the Prince of Wales to his mistress, Freda Dudley Ward, from her handbag. Rose tells Lord Grantham, who invites Sampson to a poker party while Mary, Rose, and Charles Blake search Sampson’s flat, but they are unable to find the letter. As the players leave, Bates assists Sampson with his coat and picks his pocket to retrieve the letter. Mrs Hughes finds a train ticket in Bates’s coat for York to London on the day Green died. She tells Mary, and they agree to keep quiet. At the ball, Gillingham surprises Mary by revealing Mr Blake is actually cousin and heir to a very wealthy baronet with a large estate. Edith has given birth to a girl, and arranges the baby girl’s placement with a tenant farmer at Downton, keeping the girl’s illegitimacy a secret. Lady Grantham asks Carson to arrange a fun outing for the staff; Mrs Hughes persuades him to arrange a day at the seaside. Mrs Hughes entices Carson to go wading in the surf, holding her hand for support.