Potentially Asked Questions « The Lady Dockery | Your Premiere Source for Michelle Dockery


1) Can you contact Michelle for me?
We have no direct contact with Michelle, her family, her friends, or her management. We have no way of contacting her for you.

2) Can you send me an autographed photo of Michelle?
Again, we have no contact with Michelle, so we are unable to send anyone autographed photos of her.

3) Why didn’t you answer my email?
Likely, for the following reasons: you contacted us believing we are Michelle, you contacted us asking for an autograph of Michelle, and/or we forgot. If we have not responded in a timely manner, please resend the email.

4) Where did you find ___?
We do not give out our resources; however, if you are the owner of something on our website and would like it removed, please contact and it will be done asap.

5) Can I repost the photos in your gallery?
You are welcome to use or save anything in our gallery; however, we ask that other fansites do not take our images and especially that screencaps do not be reposted into other galleries or sites like vk.com.

6) How did you become Michelle fans?
Sarah became a fan after absolutely adoring Mary on Downton Abbey; Lauren became a fan after watching Good Behavior.